How to flash Mi Wifi – Routing flashing tutorial

[Instructions for use]

1. Xiaomi router repair tool supports flashing models: Xiaomi router 4 Xiaomi router 4C Xiaomi router 4Q Xiaomi router 4A Xiaomi router 4A Gigabit version Xiaomi router 4 Pro Xiaomi AIoT router AC2350 Xiaomi router Mesh Xiaomi router AC2100 Redmi router AC2100 Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 Xiaomi router AX1800 Redmi router AX5 Redmi router AX6 Redmi router AX3000 Xiaomi router AX6000 Xiaomi router AX9000 , please find the after-sale service for return to the factory.

3. The PC-side repair tool needs to obtain system permissions to change the network card configuration. It is recommended to close the anti-virus application before using it. [Special Note] If your Xiaomi router is in normal state, please try to upgrade through OTA; if you need to switch ROM versions, please go to [Download Summary] to directly download the ROM package, and use “Manual Upgrade” to complete the flashing.

[Steps to use the Xiaomi router repair tool to brush the machine]

1. Download the PC client of the Xiaomi router repair tool and the ROM package for flashing the machine;

2. Power on the Xiaomi router, and connect the computer and the router LAN port with a network cable;

3. It is recommended to close the antivirus software and then open the Xiaomi router repair tool, select Upload the flashing ROM package locally;

4. Select the network card: Please select the network card connected to the LAN port of the router; (This step will use administrator privileges to change the network card configuration for the user to ensure that the router and the computer are in the same local area network. When closing the application, it will remind and The network card configuration will be restored automatically.)

5. After the network card configuration is successful, first disconnect the power of the router, then press and hold the Reset button and then turn on the power until the orange light flashes and release the Reset button;

6. Wait for about 3-5 minutes, the blue light flashes Indicates that the flashing is successful, and the router needs to be powered off and restarted; if the red light flashes, it means that the flashing has failed, please check the above flashing process and perform the flashing operation again.

[Router indicator status description]

1. Blue light is on: working normally

2. Blue light is flashing: flashing successfully (it needs to be powered off and restarted, please wait for more than 10s to power on after the router is powered off)

3. Orange light long on: in progress

4. Orange light flashing: entering the flashing process or system upgrade (do not power off during this process)

5. Red light is on: system failure

6. Red light flashing: flashing failure

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